A Wales Tale: Did We See Stonehenge?

Hello from the top!

We spent our day hiking the Preseli Hills, or Preseli Mountains depending who you ask. Our guide, Conway, is a soon-to-be retired historian but he sure didn’t lose his touch! Who knew a hill could have so much history?

History of the Nature Path

We started out in an open field full of sheep. And I mean full of sheep. And with sheep comes sheep… bits. Better watch your step! The grass was so green and soft, I guess sheep are nature’s lawnmowers.

Our next trip was up our first big hill. It was a lot of work on the legs I won’t lie. But the view from the top was beautiful. You could see the stretches of farmland and hills that just lay out ahead of you for miles. We noticed some depressions in the ground, about the size of a small camper. These were actually the site of huts where villagers once resided as far back as the stone age. Conway estimated that the indents/huts go as far back as 2000 BC. And what a view they had out their front door!

Going a bit further up the hill, we reached a huge rock pile. It didn’t occur to me at first, but these rocks were not just placed here by nature. These rock piles are believed to be burial sites for the wealthy that also inhabited the area. It’s crazy to stand on top of such old history. (also, don’t you think the rock in the second picture looks a bit like Vermont?)

We then walked down to the back of the hill and down a bit deeper into the site where we saw more sheep and more rocks. We came to an even BIGGER rock pile, but this one seemed to be by nature rather than man. Conway explained that the rocks that surrounded us  were bluestones, and what do you know, it is believed that these are the stones that make up Stonehenge!

Sadly, some archeaological studies in the last year seem to dispute this fact a bit, as now it is believed that Stonehenge’s stones come from a few miles north of where we are sitting, but it is possible that the stones could have originated at the Preselli Hills and then were moved a few miles north from ice and rain.

Wales has not failed to amaze me with its breathtaking views. I’m sad knowing this trip is nearly over, but I’ve taken away so much from this trip. I’m looking forward to our last few stopes to Swansea and Caldey Island. Cheers for now!

-Leah Benoit

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